Smoothie Bike Challenge
Our most popular activity.  
Computers measure the virtual distance traveled as you race to blend your smoothie, the top riders names and results are posted on the leaderboard - find out more
2 Pro Smoothie Bikes, Staff Member, Serving Bar, Leaderboard, Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies,  Transportation, Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment, Method Statement, 5 Star Hygiene Rating
 HIRE COST from £595 + VAT incl. Staff, 2 Bikes, 100 Smoothies & Biodegradable Cups 
Order additional smoothies for £1 per 12oz drink 
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Smoothie Bike Sales
Built to fit adults and children as young as five.  Widely adjustable seat height and handlebars offer a comfortable and easy grip position.  As it's lowered, the seat gets closer to the handlebars.
Manufactured in California.
Standard colours: Blue, Orange, Green, Red

 Fender Blender Pro £1,850 + VAT Including Delivery 
Custom branded wheel £400
Custom frame colour £400
Custom frame branding £125
Additional pitchers £35

Schools & Education
Learners cycle to make their own smoothies; everyone gets active and refreshed
Children also generate pedal power electricty with our Boogie Bike Sound System
An exciting way to promote healthy lifestyles to children
With 4 bikes we can make up to 240 smoothies in a school day, involving 8 classes of 30 learners
4 Professional Smoothie Bikes, 1 Staff Member (DBS checked), Serving Bar, Healthy Pure Fruit Smoothies, Boogie Bike Sound System, Transportation, Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment, Method Statement, 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating
 HIRE COST from £595 + VAT with Staff & Smoothies 
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Cycle Scalextric
Using the best in pedal power technology we've created a bicycle powered Scalextric race track.  The faster the bikes are pedaled, the faster the cars move around the track. Leaderboard diplays the racing results.  This activity has a footprint of 3m x 3m.  find out more
Table Mounted 2 Lane Track (2.4m x 1.2m), 2 Professional Generator BikesLeaderboard,
DBS Checked Staff, Transportation, Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment, Method Statement
 HIRE COST from £595 + VAT with Staff 
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What is a smoothie bike?
Smoothie bikes are stationary bicycles that harness the cyclists pedaling energy to mechanically power a blender.  Fruit and pure fruit juice goes into the blender jug and after 30 seconds of pedaling the cyclist is rewarded with a healthy, nutritious drink.  The exercise lifts the participants mood, reminding a sedentary person that raising their heart rate makes them feel good.
The smoothie bike - otherwise known as a juice or juicer bike - has quickly become a popular activity at wellbeing events and health promotions in workplaces, schools and communities.
Health and wellbeing events are given a new lease of life with a dynamic activity that breaks the ice and keeps everyone refreshed and smiling.  Our Smoothie Bike Challenge activity is great fun for the competetive office environment.  At school and in the community the smoothie bike is a great tool for helping young people learn to love fruit and embrace exercise.
What do The Smoothie Bike Company do?
We mobilise our fleet of smoothie bikes to provide dynamic activities designed to energise your event and get your guests or workforce moving, smiling and interacting.  The Smoothie Bike Company travel throughout the UK and into mainland Europe servicing corporate clients, sports events, educational and community projects.  With a clear focus on exercise and nutrition, our smoothie bike activities prove an effective and fun way to promote health and wellbeing.

Our smoothie bikes are imported from San Francisco and are professional machines, built for purpose.  The bikes are suitable for children of 5 years upwards and adults of all shapes and sizes. The bikes have a wide stabilising bar beneath the front wheel to prevent the bike from tipping even with the most energetic or wobbly cyclists in the saddle.