About Us The Smoothie Bike Company

The Smoothie Bike Company was established in 2013 by Helen and Matt Godfrey in West Bridgford, Nottingham, UK.

Helen Godfrey has a background in vegetarian catering alongside arts roles in the media and co-ordination roles in the charitable sector. Helen's experience in catering proved essential in securing our 5 Star Food Hygiene rating.

Matt Godfrey, M.A. has previously worked as an education officer for a performing arts organisation and as a promoter of sustainable transport for Nottingham City Council. Experience in education gave him the skills to successfully take smoothie bikes into schools and communities to promote health and wellbeing.

As The Smoothie Bike Company gained in popularity, suitable recruits were sought to take our activity around the UK and beyond.

Our Staff have backgrounds and skills as diverse and transferable as Social Worker, Teacher, Musician, Schools Photographer, Events Co-ordinator. They are all open hearted individuals who want to make your event a success.
What Do We Promote?
  • GOOD DIET  The Smoothie Bike Company encourage people to choose a healthy diet by offering them a delicious and refreshing 100% fruit drink.
  • EXERCISE  Cycling our smoothie bikes raises peoples heart rate for a short time, the endorphins released remind them that it feels good to move their body.
  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLES  We enthuse young people about healthy living by centring health education around a dynamic activity that learners can't get enough off.