Generator Bikes Making Electricity by Cycling

Generator Bikes Video

Promoting Sustainable Living
Encourage Participation & Contribution

Harnessing Energy
At the heart of our activities are a set of stationary generator bikes, purpose built to harness the energy of a spinning bike wheel and convert it into an electric current.

Safe & Efficient
Our bikes are very stable and safe, built for the purpose of generating pedal power they are super efficient machines not to mention elegant and eye-catching.

Working Together
A 7ft high super bright LED Pedal-O-Meter lets the cyclists know how much more or less leg power the system needs and a real-time wattage display indicates how much power is being generated and used.

Sustainable Alternative
Our bike generator system is the engine room of our Pedal Power Sound live music services, but it can also be used to generate power for virtually any other application. 

Please contact us if you would like our bike generators to provide safe, reliable AC or DC electricity for your event.