Boozy Bikes Cocktail Service

All inclusive package with bikes, bar, staff and cocktails.
Great for weddings, staff parties & special events.
This activity has a footprint of 3m x 3m

2 Professional Smoothie Bikes
2 Staff Members
Large Catering Bar
100 Cocktails: Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri
Public Liability Insurance
Risk Assessment & Method Statement
5 Star Food Hygiene Rating
 £995 incl. 2 Bikes, 2 Staff & 100 Cocktails 
Costs apply to the majority of UK - please contact us for an accurate quote
Costs do not include VAT

Have the activity branded, including bike wheels, serving bar, cups & t-shirt
BRANDED SERVING BAR £95 (150cm wide x 100cm high)
BRANDED WHEELS £95 per bike
BRANDED CUPS £125 for 100 cups, then 25p per additional cup
Costs do not include VAT
Your branding will be retained after the event and can be used again at no further cost