Electricity Generating Bikes

Generator Pro
The Smoothie Bike Company have been using Generator Pro bikes day in day out at events across the UK for the last 7 years.  
We have tested them to the extreme - they don't break, they don't tip over and people don't fall off them.
Built to fit adults and children as young as five.  Widely adjustable seat height and handlebars offer a comfortable and easy grip position.  As it's lowered, the seat gets closer to the handlebars.
Manufactured in California
Standard Colours: Blue, Orange, Green, Red
 Generator Pro £1,995 
UK delivery included
Custom branded wheel £400
Custom frame colour £400
Custom frame branding £125
Costs do not include VAT

When you make events happen with Pedal Power, it's good to have a simple, comfortable bike that looks inviting and leaves no option but to get on and pedal.  The Generator Pro is just that bike.  It has no gears, no brakes - only the seat to adjust.  The handlebars don't turn, nothing rubs the tyre, nothing gets hot and no parts wear out.  What is does have is a large and effective brushless generator wheel.  The size of it creates a flywheel effect that smoothes out peoples pedal strokes.  The magnets and coils inside the hub never touch each other.  The power comes through a cable at the centre of the wheel.  The hub is rated for more power thaneven the strongest Tour De France riders can summon.

Assembled dimensions: 142cm long x 99cm tall x 79cm wide
Shipping carton dimensions: 97cm long x 86cm tall x 28cm wide