Our Smoothies

Our smoothies are made from premium traceable Grade A IQF fruit from premier UK smoothie supplier.
We don't charge participants for the smoothies, they are paid for as part of your package.
For speed of service and good hygiene we prepare the fruit for our smoothies in advance of your event.
Our drinks are always served chilled in BIODEGRADABLE CUPS.
All advertised packages include 100 standard smoothies, you can add more or upgrade to special smoothies.
Please order any additional drinks in advance of the event.

100 Standard Smoothies in 4 flavours are included with your booking
TROPICAL  Mango & Pineapple
CLASSIC  Strawberry & Banana
ZING  Raspberry & Peach
GREEN  Spinach & Papaya
Additional Standard Smoothies cost:
£0.75 per 7oz smoothie with biodegradable cup
£1.00 per 12oz smoothie with biodegradable cup
Please order any additional drinks in advance of the event

It costs £50 to upgrade your smoothie bike package to include 100 Special Smoothies
If 100 drinks is not enough for your event, then order additional Special Smoothies for £1.25 per 12oz drink
GINGER BEETS  Beetroot / Ginger / Pineapple / Blueberry
CARROT BOOST  Carrot / Goji Barry Juice / Pineapple / Papaya
GREEN REVIVER  Curly Kale / Lemon Grass / Banana / Mango
SUPER GREEN  Spinach / Avocado / Apple / Lime / Basil / Spirulina
MEGA CHERRY  Cherry / Blueberry / Strawberry / Fig / Flax Seed
STRAWBERRY DELIGHT  Strawberry / Peach / Papaya
PASSION STORM  Passion Fruit / Papaya / Pineapple / Peach / Guava / Aloe Vera
ACAI KICK  Acai / Strawberry / Bluberries / Mango
POWERGRANATE  Strawberry / Pomegranate / Blackcurrant / Apple
BERRY BURST  Blackberry / Blueberry / Banana
PINEAPPLE SUNSET  Pineapple / Papaya / Mango
RASPBERRY HEAVEN  Raspberry / Blueberry / Apple / Mango
MANGO DREAM  Mango / Pear