Recharge Stations

It's a bike that charges up to eight devices.  This event power station sparks the kind of informal conversations and networking that draw people to conferences, concerts and meetings.  The sight of pedaling and the diffuse green glow of the enclosure underneath the wooden desk draw in crowds throughout the day.  The system can be stationed with or without a "coach".  For the best results, a coach will help people feel more relaxed and comfortable, plugging in their phones and adjusting the seast to the right height for new riders.  An integrated 'Pedalometer', a thermometer style light sequence next to the USB sockets, shows people exactly how hard to pedal to maintaion consistent charging.  Just keep the Pedalometer in the green and phones will charge as fast as they do from the latest wall-powered chargers.
Generator Pro Bike with Recharge Desk
 £3,490 + VAT incl. UK delivery 
Standard bike colours: Blue, Orange, Green, Red (custom colours available)
Dimensions: 142cm long x 104cm tall x 79cm wide