Smoothie Bikes

Fender Blender Pro

The Smoothie Bike Company have been using Fender Blender Pro smoothie bikes day in day out at events across the UK for the last 7 years.
We have tested them to the extreme - they don't break, they don't tip over and people don't fall off them.
Manufactured in California.
COST with standard wheel as pictured above is £1,850 + VAT including UK delivery
Custom BRANDED WHEEL costs £400 + VAT
Custom FRAME COLOUR costs £400 + VAT
Custom FRAME BRANDING costs £150 + VAT
32oz Pitcher included - additional pitchers cost £35 + VAT
Built to fit adults and children as young as five.  Widely adjustable seat height and handlebars offer a comfortable and easy grip position.  As it's lowered, the seat gets closer to the handlebars.