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Fender Blender Pro
The Smoothie Bike Company have been using Fender Blender Pro smoothie bikes day in day out at events across the UK for the last ten years.  We have tested them to the extreme - they don't break, they don't tip over and people don't fall off them.  Built to fit adults and children as young as six.  The Fender Blender Pro brings together fun, fitness, health, refreshment and sustainability.  
Great at wellbeing events, schools, festivals, trade shows, fundraisers and promotionl events.  Widely adjustable seat height and handlebars offer a comfortable and easy grip position.  As it's lowered, the seat gets closer to the handlebars.  Manufactured in California by Rock The Bike.

Fender Blender Pro £1,800

Costs do not include delivery, import duties and taxes from USA to your location.  Please contact us for an accurate quote.

Worldwide Shipping Available


Standard Colours: Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Black

One Pitcher Included

Additional 48oz Pitchers £110

Custom Wheel Covers £400 pair

Custom Frame Colour £400

Frame Branding £175

Crossbar Branding £175

Rear Legs Branding £175

Easy Rolling Transport Wheels £30

Pro Case £650

Assembled dimensions: 142cm long x 99cm tall x 79cm wide

Shipping carton dimensions: 97cm long x 86cm tall x 28cm wide

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